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Copyright by creators, 

for creators.

Copyright sucks, It's abused. The deck is stacked against you. We can change that. Don't fear copyright, make copyright fear you.

  • Do you know what to do when you get a content ID claim?

  • Do you know what to do when you get a DMCA takedown?

  • Do you know how to issue a DMCA counterclaim?

  • Do you know what to do when someone wants to monetize your video?

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Don't just think like a lawyer.

Fight like a lawyer.

Copyright is everywhere. If you're a creator, you need the tools to fight bogus copyright claims. You're in the right place.

The Music Labels and Movie studios have hundreds of Corporate lawyers that deal with this stuff. What do you have?

My mission is to give even the smallest creator the tools they need to fight back against BS copyright claims. I've represented movie studios, directors, actors, writers, and artists. I've represented individuals and multi-billion dollar corporations. It's time to give creators the tools that big companies have used to abuse creators for years. 

Meet Your CopyrightCourse Coach: Devin Stone (aka LegalEagle)

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I've created CopyrightCourse to serve as a personal boot camp for all creators. 

Maybe you want to make YouTube videos but are afraid of doing something wrong. Maybe you already make videos but have seen a Big Music Label monetize them. Maybe you've been hit with a takedown notice and can't figure out how to challenge it. 

Whatever stage you're at, the CopyrightCourse will give you the confidence to create what you want and the knowledge to beat bogus attacks on your content. My mission is to give even the smallest creators the tools they need to fight back against BS copyright claims.


CopyrightCourse tries to distill everything I know about US copyright law, including the major legal concepts and practical advice for how you can use the law to defend your content.


I've spoken to hundreds of creators who WANT to fight, but they're scared. They're afraid of getting a strike. They're afraid of losing their YouTube channel altogether. So I came up with a solution. CopyrightCourse fills you in on how YouTube works. It lets you know how to explain with confidence why what you do is legal. It helps you fight back.

When you enroll:

You'll know what to do when you get a copyright claim

You'll know the exact wording to use to fight back

You'll learn the tricks a lawyer uses to fight bogus claims

You'll know how to get your monetization back

You'll know what you can safely include in your videos

You'll know what you can't include in your videos

The details:

Copyright 101

The CopyrightCourse will teach you everything you need to know to protect your small business from bogus copyright claims. We start with the basics of copyright law and end with specific instructions on how to protect your content from being monetized or removed.

In-depth examples of real cases

The CopyrightCourse covers real cases involving creators who are just like you. Learn how courts have handled situations that are similar to yours. 

Immediate Results

Set aside one weekend of your life and you'll learn the techniques you need to be a content creator with confidence. 

Big return on your investment

Have a pending content ID claim? Confused about a DMCA takedown notice? By understanding how to issue a DMCA counterclaim and how to win your appeal, your content will stay up, making you more money. 

Learn to think like a lawyer

Unsure about whether your content is violating someone else's copyright? Worry no more. Learn the fundamentals of copyright law from a copyright lawyer who is also a content creator. 

Tips and tricks from an expert

I've represented movie studios, directors, actors, writers, and artists. I've represented individuals and multi-billion dollar corporations. The CopyrightCourse will distill all the most important lessons I've learned along the way. 


Emergency Response Guide

(No BS Guide to dealing with claims)

What to do when you get a claim.

Should you fight or remove?

How to avoid a copyright strike.

If there's a claim on your channel, it's AN EMERGENCY!


Step by Step Template

Written and tested by lawyers

A Lawyers Response

Use the same language lawyers use to fight bogus claims

Walk through every step

Get the exact language for Disputes, Appeals, and DMCA Counter notices.


Only available for CopyrightCourse Premium


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